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You know we are publishing more valuable posts as well as uploading useful tools, software, device images, Simulators and LABs. Currently, We are using space of free file sharing platforms. But all these are also having limitations. Now we decided to upload the files on our own/rented servers. So data can be safe as well as speed can be maintain. You all know, Most of images and software are in gigabit size. So we need more storage for keep uploading the files and maintain the high speed. This is not an easy task as it sounds. Because when thousands of users start downloading these large files, we have to add more servers to handle the bandwidth. Therefore we have to pay huge rent on a monthly basis to keep these servers up and running.

Secondly, we hate to give any third party free file sharing links because they can be dead sooner or later. As we can see in present, a global leader has set the dead line for remove/lost the data.

That is why we decided to take the hit on our own and rented servers for you. So that you can download unlimited files with a single direct link. But with the growing file sizes, this is getting hard for us, because we have to rent more and more servers to handle the bandwidth.

We can provide the high bandwidth as well as we can improve our count of post and uploads, once started our own/rental servers. We are fast to write posts and test the software but facing issue in publishing /SEO due to slow speed and timeouts

So now we need your support. This will help us to pay the monthly rent of our servers. You can pay as less as $1. Because every penny counts. Please pay as much as you can and show your love.

Please click on the below button and you’ll land on official Paypal website for payment. You can enter any amount you like.
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After Payment please send an email at below address.

E-mail: [email protected]

About Us:-

We are a group from multiple MNCs and different domains. Most of members are CCIE certified and also having other precises’ certifications. we all decided to serve our knowledge and experience. as of now we are having goal to run this platform as an non profitable platform and will contribute our free time.

We also want to invite who want to join us as an instructor to serve his experience with everyone. in near future , we will look to recover our investment through donation if we got sufficient traffic and members are here.