Cisco Fabric Services

By | March 25, 2020

cisco fabric services (CFS) is used to synchronize the features between devices under a common region. These features or services can be NTP , RADIUS , STP , Syslogd , Session mgr and fwna.

By default, All devices begins in the same region and this region is called default region. But we can also create create the different regions using the numbers between 1 and 200.

A device in a common region will synchronize with same configuration. It uses multicast IP address for synchronize the configuration between devices.

We can configure CFS over ethernet , IPv4 and IPv6.

It should be configure on all the devices in a region.

Command to configure region:

cfs region 100

Cisco fabric Services Configuration Example:

cisco fabric services
conf t
cfs ipv4 distribute
ntp distribute
ntp commit

Once configure the above commands, If we are adding or changing anything in NTP configuration NEXUS-A then it will be sync with all the devices in region.

For example, IF we are changing the NTP server IP from to then it will also reflect on NEXUS-B and NEXUS-C.

Show commands:

show cfs peer
show cfs applications
show cfs status

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