Cisco Storm-Control Configuration

By | March 25, 2020

Storm control is a feature of switching to control unnecessary or wrong traffic. which can cause of disruptions. This traffic can be broadcast traffic , multicast traffic or unicast traffic. Below is the example of Cisco Storm-Control Configuration.

Generally, It should be configure on interfaces. where desktops and servers are connecting or It should be configure close to source of unnecessary configuration which can generate or allow the unnecessary broadcast, multicast or uni-cast traffic due to wrong configuration.

Below is the example Cisco Storm-Control Configuration:

Cisco Storm-Control Configuration
conf t
int e0/0
storm-control broadcast level 7
int e0/1
storm-control broadcast level 7

Here, 7 means , 7 percent broad cast traffic will be allow per second. If more than 7 percent broadcast traffic is receiving on interface then extra traffic will be drop.

Show command:

Show interface Ethernet 0/0 counters storm control

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