Cisco Nexus Enhance Object Tracking – Boolean OR in VPC

By | April 21, 2020

Cisco Nexus Enhance Object Tracking ( Boolean OR ) in VPC

Nexus supports Boolean OR rule but it not support to Boolean END rule.

We can use Boolean OR rule/object tracking to track the objects and isolate the VPC domain if tracking fails.

It is useful. When we are not having configured FHRP on VPC peer switches. But we need to track uplinks/modules. So switch can leave its primary role if uplinks/module fails.

If we are not using FHRP/Object tracking then it can create a serious problem in network. Suppose, We are having all uplinks and peer-link on the same module. If this module fails, then all the uplinks and peer-link will be down. Suppose, Keepalive llink is on different module and it is working fine. in this case, secondary switch will assume that primary switch is working fine. But primary switch is unable to send the traffic on uplinks as well as on peer-link. So here will be an isolation.

This issue can be resolve using FHRP/Object tracking/Self isolation. If we are not having configured FHRP/Self-isolation on VPC peer switches. Then we can use Object tracking to avoid this situation.

With object tracking, We can configure track for each uplink and peer-link and then call all these tracks into Boolean OR Object, after that we can call this Boolean OR main track under VPC domain.

Now if uplink or peer-link will be down then secondary switch will take the primary role. All VPC peer and local VPC will be disable on the switch whic is having links down.

Configuring Cisco Nexus Enhance Object Tracking ( Boolean OR ) in VPC:

Cisco Nexus Enhance Object Tracking - Boolean OR in VPC
track 1 interface port-channel 55 line-protocol
track 2 interface ethernet 1/1 line-protocol
track 3 interface ethernet 1/2 line-protocol
track 10 list boolean or
object 1
object 2
object 3
vpc domain 5
track 10

In above configuration, first command is using to track peer-link. 2nd & 3rd commands are using for track uplinks. 4th command is using to define Boolean OR. 5th,6th &7th commands are using to call all three tracks in Boolean OR object. last second command is using to enter in VPC domain mode and last command is using to call Boolean OR track under VPC domain.

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