Cisco Alias

By | April 19, 2020

Cisco alias is used to create the short forms of long commands. So we can easily create the short forms of long commands. Alias is not limiting for ‘show’ commands. We can create the alias (short command) for each mode.

All Cisco devices is also having many pre-defined aliases such as, p for ping , int for interface , br for brief , en for enable , sh for show and many.

We can also create the our own alias and it is pretty easy.

In below example, We will create an alias for interface and after created this alias. we can use only ‘i’ in the place of interface keyword. see below example:

Configuring Cisco Alias:

Router# conf t
Router(config)# alias configure i interface

You can see. In above example we are using ‘configure’ keyword that means we are creating this alias for configuration router mode. ‘i’ is using as an short form for interface keyword.

For more understanding, We will configure one more alias and this alias we will configure for exec mode. in this example , We will create a short for show ip interface brief command and we will use sib as an short form for this long command.

Router# conf t
Router(config)# alias exec sib show ip interface brief

Below is the example for check the pre configured aliases on Cisco device:

Router#sh alia
Router#sh aliases
Exec mode aliases:
  h                     help
  lo                    logout
  p                     ping
  r                     resume
  s                     show
  u                     undebug
  un                    undebug
  w                     where

ATM virtual circuit configuration mode aliases:
  vbr                   vbr-nrt


Below is the actual output from Cisco device:

You can see, Yellow highlighted aliases added by us

Cisco Alias

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