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By | March 11, 2020

OSPF graceful shut down feature is introduced in OSPF version 3. It is used to shut down The OSPF on a particular interface or to shut down an OSPF neighbor-ship. It is the same as we can do in BGP.

Using this feature we can disable the or shut down the OSPF on interface. OSPF will not advertise this interface in updates as well as adjacency will not be form on this interface.

In this case , Interface will continue its operations and only OSPF will be disable for this interface.

Below is the commands for shut down the OSPF on a interface:

Router#conf t
Router(config)# interface e0/0
Router(Config-if)# ospfv3 shutdown

Below is the commands for disable a complete OSPF process on a router :

Router# conf t
Router(config)# router ospfv3 11
Router(config-router)# shutdown


OSPF graceful shutdown

In above topology , Router A is configured for OSPF process 11 and having the OSPF adjacency with Router B ( e0/0 ).

Router B is having to OSPF processes configured: OSPF process 11 and OSPF 22.

It is also having OSPF adjacency with Router A and Router D using OSPF process ID 11 , and with Router C using OSPF process ID 22.

Now we are having the requirement to shut down the OSPF neighbor-ship with Router A which is establishing using Ethernet 0/0 as well as we are having requirement of shut down the OSPF process 22.

To achieve this requirement , We can shut down the OSPF on interface Ethernet 0/0 of Router B as well as we can shut down the OSPF process 22 on the same router ( Router B ). Below is the configuration reference to achieve it:

RouterB# conf t
RouterB(config)# interface e0/0
RouterB(Config-if)# ospfv3 shutdown
RouterB# conf t
RouterB(config)# router ospfv3 11
RouterB(config-router)# shutdown

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