Cisco Nexus Checkpoint

By | March 25, 2020

We can create up to 10 checkpoints per VDC. Cisco nexus checkpoint is a temporary file that removes at the reload of device. It is use to create a temporary configuration file. which we can compare with running config , startup configuration file or with any checkpoint. as well as we can restore a checkpoint. suppose, we have created a checkpoint and after that make configuration changes and new changes are creating the problem. in this case we can restore the checkpoint which was created before these changes.

But this checkpoint will not recover all the configuration , If a global change has done on default VDC. Suppose, We have assigned a interface to ABC VDC and then configured this interface in that VDC and then created a checkpoint. But later we removed this interface from ABC VDC then this interface will also remove from checkpoint.

These checkpoints are same as we create a checkpoint on windows machine. but only one difference is here, that is , nexus checkpoint removes at reload of device.

Checkpoint name can be 80 characters long.

Creating a checkpoint:

N1#checkpoint XYZ

Restoring a checkpoint:

N1# rollback running-config checkpoint XYZ atomic

Here we are having four options when we are restoring the check point:

  1. Atomic – If any error occurs , rollback will be stop and will revert to original configuration. this is the default.
  2. Best-Effort – Error will skip and roll back will be proceed.
  3. Stop-at-first-failure – Rollback will stop at first error.
  4. Verbose – It will show the execution error log.

Comparing running config with checkpoint:

N1#show diff rollback-patch checkpoint XYZ running-config

Clearing checkpoint database:

N1# clear checkpoint database

Showing all checkpoints”

N1# show checkpoint all
N1# show checkpoint

Displaying a p[articular checkpoint:

N1# show checkpoint XYZ

Below is the example output of comparing running config with checkpoint :

cisco nexus checkpoint

I hope, now you are having better understanding about cisco nexus checkpoint.

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