Amendments Done In BGP

By | March 18, 2023

As of September 2021, there were several important amendments made to the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) in 2021. Some of the key amendments include:

  1. BGP-LS Extension: In 2021, the BGP-LS (Link State) extension was updated to provide more efficient and scalable network topology information. This update includes a new TLV (Type-Length-Value) to support BGP-LS over IPv6 networks.
  2. BGP Flowspec Enhancements: The BGP Flowspec extension, which is used for filtering and traffic management, was updated to include more granular matching rules for traffic filtering. The updated specification includes new flow types and fields for matching traffic based on source/destination ports and protocols.
  3. BGPsec Enhancements: BGPsec is a security extension for BGP that provides cryptographic protection for routing information. In 2021, enhancements were made to BGPsec to improve its scalability and reduce the overhead of cryptographic processing.
  4. BGP-LS SR Policy Extension: BGP-LS was updated to support Segment Routing (SR) policies. This update allows BGP-LS to be used for distributing SR policies in large-scale networks.
  5. BGPsec Deployment Considerations: The BGPsec Working Group published a document in 2021 that provides guidance for deploying BGPsec in real-world networks. The document includes recommendations for key management, certificate authorities, and other operational considerations.

These amendments help to improve the functionality, scalability, and security of BGP, which is one of the most important protocols for routing information on the internet. It is important for network administrators to stay informed of the latest updates and best practices related to BGP to ensure the security and reliability of their network.

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